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Team Building Summits

        A leader's job is to build effective teams and create a positive, psychologically safe culture for all. Through our innovative team activities and trainings we can take your teams to the next level. 

Everything can be customized to meet your organizations needs!

Why Inspire?

All Hands In

Build teamwork and advance collaboration 

Black Puzzle Pieces

Focus on problem solving and conflict resolution

Support Group

Advance communication through activities and training


Inspire creativity and innovation that feeds into your organization

How it Works

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Can't Decide? Consider Our Packages!

Business Team

New Team

Full Day Summit

Team Beliefs Training

Office Jeopardy

Clear Communication Training

Release activity


Psychological Safety

Full Day Summit

Psychological Safety Training

Strengths Finder Training

Buried Treasure

Release Activity

Human Knot Activity

Relaxing on Hammock

Self Care

Half Day Summit

Self Care Training

Buried Treasure

Release Activity

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Team Building Activities
Team Training Activities
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